God’s love is Greater than any love we’ll ever find, God’s love is Greater than any fear, Greater than any obstacle and Greater than any thing or person who says the opposite.

God wants to Rekindle your heart, He wants to have that communion that we had with Him back in Eden, He wants for us to have something Greater that is out of this world.

God wants to take us Away from this miserable world, he does not want us to suffer, but the facts of life are that everyone suffers, all because of sin. God wants to take away our sin so that won’t be an obstacle for His Kingdom to advance. He is just waiting for the right moment while He does that we need to be the salt to this world, we need to be instruments of His love, of His Grace.

He wants to Carry us, he wants to take Care of us. He really wants us, we just need to let Him work in us. We need to walk and act gracefully.

There’s no such thing as Enough is Enough in the Christian life, we still need to grow; we’ll never stop growing. Trials and temptation are just part of life, but sin shouldn’t be.

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